Performing Arts – Musical Futures Champion School

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At Killara Primary School we have been lucky enough to become A Musical Futures Champion School.  Musical Futures is a way of learning that is engaging and practical. Away from school, engaging with music is a common place, day-to-day activity for most young people.  Musical Futures takes a students personal connection with music outside of school and brings it into the classroom.  It turns, what is for many students the least engaging of their school subjects, into an enjoyable learning and creative environment.

Changes to the way students access and engage with music has created a very different music learning environment from one that existed even just a few years ago.  Personalised playlists, music apps, YouTube lessons, access to affordable instruments and music programs embedded in computers can be accessed by all of the students at Killara Primary.

Musical Futures recognises and incorporates these changes creating  a 21st century music learning environment in the classroom.