Year 1/2

This Term the students will be revising the National Anthem and the Killara School Song.  The students will discuss the meaning behind the lyrics of the songs and explore the rhythm and melody of the songs.  The students will also play tuned and untuned percussion instruments and learn to play along with the rhythm and melodic patterns of both the songs.

Week 8 Term 1:

The students will take a simple student survey showing their knowledge in rhythm and percussion learnt during this term as well as their feelings in regards to the way performing arts is being taught.  The results were discussed with the students so that they had a chance to respond and add any extra information.

Student Survey

Week 5 – 7 Term 1:

yr 12 performance Yr 12 rhythm pattern performance Yr 12 rhythm performance







Rhythm Lesson

Watch this video to understand rhythm the same way the students understand it.

The students this week continued to learn the National Anthem, but they also revised the percussion instruments learnt in previous years.  They were able to play the percussion instruments along with the beat of a song and made up their own rhythm patterns and played them for the class.


Week 4 Term 1:

This week the students continue to learn the lyrics of the National Anthem and the school song,  They discussed the Percussion family of instruments and the three categories they can belong to, Shaking, Scraping and Hitting. The students then learnt to play 2 different rhythm patterns.  They then played them with their chosen instrument.

percussion family

Week 3 Term 1:

This week the students continued to review the lyrics of the National Anthem.  They discussed the meaning of the words and looked at the song’s origin and history.  The students watched a video clip of the National Anthem being performed with different music and discussed rhythm patterns.  The students also learnt the chicken dance and learnt the history of the dance.



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