Year 5/6

   The students will be involved in a Musical Futures Project where they will work in groups to learn how to play a song of their choice or compose their own song and an instrument of their choice. The students will learn to play music by ear, read some basic music notation, learn to work together towards a common goal as well as learning to question and pose problems and take responsible risks. They will also learn to create, use their imagination, innovating, persisting, listen to others with understanding and empathy and apply past knowledge to new situations.

diagram jam hub

Week 8 Term 1:

Students were filled in a Self Evaluation Survey online to evaluate their personal learning and how they were feeling about the way they were experiencing performing arts.  The results were discussed with the students so that they had an opportunity to respond if they wished and add any extra information either with the group of one on one with their teacher.


Week 5 – 7 Term 1:

The students met in the theatre where 4 band work stations had been set up.  The students revised session.  The students then chose their station and worked on familiarizing themselves with the instruments the jam hubs and setting goals for what they wanted to achieve in coming weeks.


Week 4 Term 1:

This week the students worked on using the internet to help them learn how to play their chosen song.  They used to find the lyrics, guitar chords and keyboard chords.  The drummers in the groups used Youtube assisted by Kelli to watch how their drum parts are played.

 IMG_4625 e-chord websiteIMG_4623

Week 3 Term 1:

This week the students put themselves into groups, negotiated with each other to decide on who will play which instruments in their bands, decided upon a song or composition and came up with a name for their band. The students also continued to review the lyrics to the National Anthem by looking at the way lyrics can be combined with different music changing the rhythm patterns and melody lines.


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